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The Winners have been announced for the 2016 Law Day Art Contest:

2016 Statewide Winners
2016 Winners By Grade
2016 Winners By School

2016 Statewide Winners Artwork 



Each year the legal community and people across the nation celebrate Law Day USA on May 1. Law Day provides an opportunity for all Americans to celebrate and learn about our country's court system. The theme for The Mississippi Bar's 2016 Law Day Art Contest is: Miranda: More Than Words.

Miranda Graphic (2) 


In 2016, the nation marks the 50th anniversary of perhaps the nation’s best-known U.S. Supreme Court case, Miranda v. Arizona. The Miranda Warning has become ingrained in law enforcement and has permeated popular consciousness through countless recitations in films and television shows. Yet Miranda is only part of the story when it comes to the procedures for ensuring justice. The 2016 Law Day theme — Miranda: More than Words — will explore the procedural protections afforded to all of us by the U.S. Constitution, how these rights are safeguarded by the courts, and why the preservation of these principles is essential to our liberty.

2016 Entry Form Flyer

Contest Rules: 

  • 1st -3rd place awards will be presented to winners at each school. 1st place winners from each school will be judged for statewide awards.
  • The contest will be judged at each grade level (K - 12).
  • Statewide winners will be presented with award certificates and artwork will be displayed in the Capitol May 2nd and 3rd, and also presented in the summer issue of The Mississippi Lawyer magazine.
  • Artwork must be submitted on an 11" x 14" poster board (1/4 of a standard-sized poster board) and received by Friday, April 8, 2016.
  • Artwork must be student's own work; no tracings, no glitter, no coloring pages from internet or anywhere else where outlines are already drawn.
  • Artwork must reflect the theme -Miranda: More than Words
  • All mediums accepted. Creativity is awarded. Color is preferred.
  • Each 11" x 14" poster must have the label from the flyer (which can be enlarged) affixed to the back of the artwork that provides the required judging and contact information. 
  • Organize Entries by grade before submitting.

For more information, please contact Krissa Dobbins Easley at


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