Appellate Practice

The purpose of the Appellate Practice Section is to promote the skillful, efficient, and effective practice of appellate law and oral advocacy before our appellate courts.

2015 Appellate Advocacy Seminar
Sponsored By The Bar Association Of The Fifth Federal Circuit
On Oct 5-6, BAFFC will host our Annual Appellate Advocacy Seminar in NOLA.  Cost is $100 for 9.75 hours of CLE.


The Life of An Appeal in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals


The Appellate Practice Section was featured in the Mississippi Business Journal. To view the article, click here.


Appellate Practice Section
2015-2016 Executive Committee

Margaret Oertling Cupples 
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP 
P O Box 1789
Jackson, MS 39215-1789
Phone: (601) 592-9914
Fax: (601) 592-1414

Vice Chair 
Todd Butler
Phelps Dunbar 
P O Box 16114
Jackson, MS 39236-6114
Phone: (601) 360-9366
Fax: (601) 360-9777

Amy Champagne 
Baker Donelson 
P O Box 14167
Jackson, MS 39236-4167
Phone: (601) 351-2400
Fax: (601) 974-8912

Past Chair 
David McCarty 
David Neil McCarty Law 
416 E Amite St
Jackson, MS 39201-2601
Phone: (601) 874-0721
Fax: (866) 236-7731

Member at Large (8/2013-7/2016)
Will Bardwell
Southern Poverty Law Center
111 E Capitol St Ste 280
Jackson, MS 39201-2114
Phone: (601) 948-8882

Member at Large (8/2014-7/2017)
Meta Copeland
MS College School of Law 
151 E Griffith St
Jackson, MS 39201-1302
Phone: (601) 925-7192
Fax: (601) 925-7185

Member at Large (8/2015-7/2018)
Kaytie Pickett
Jones Walker 
P O Box 427
Jackson, MS 39205-0427
Phone: (601) 709-3344
Fax: (601) 949-4804