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Name:Lois Patricia Ice 
Company:MS Immigrants Rights Alliance
Admit Date:04/27/1999
Address:612 N State St Ste B 2nd Flr
 Jackson, MS 39202
Mailing Address:P O Box 1466
 Jackson, MS 39215-1466
Phone:(601) 354-9355
Fax:(601) 968-5183
Name:Alexander  Ignatiev 
Company:Attorney at Law PA
Admit Date:09/25/2001
Address:612 N Main St
 Hattiesburg, MS 39401-3428
Mailing Address:P O Box 2076
 Hattiesburg, MS 39403-2076
Phone:(601) 914-5660
Fax:(601) 583-2641
Name:John Guguam Igwebuike 
Company:Law Office of Dr John Igwebuike PLLC
Admit Date:10/11/2006
Mailing Address:106 Edinburgh Ln
 Clinton, MS 39056-5967
Phone:(614) 804-7136
Name:Sarah E Iiams 
Company:Kuchler Polk Schell Weiner & Richeson LLC
Admit Date:07/28/2005
Mailing Address:1615 Poydras St Ste 1300
 New Orleans, LA 70112-1265
Phone:(504) 592-0691
Fax:(504) 592-0696
Name:Donald  Illich Sr
Admit Date:05/14/1981
Mailing Address:2677 Laird Rd
 Crestview, FL 32539-9334
Phone:(850) 892-7953
Name:Andrew W Impastato 
Company:BancorpSouth Insurance Services
Admit Date:10/07/2003
Address:2616 Lakeward Dr
 Jackson, MS 39216-4863
Mailing Address:PO Drawer 14207
 Jackson, MS 39236-4207
Phone:(601) 983-4009
Fax:(601) 362-4820
Name:Russell T Infinger 
Company:Nexsen Pruet LLC
Admit Date:05/21/1984
Mailing Address:P O Box 10648
 Greenville, SC 29603-0648
Phone:(864) 282-1122
Fax:(864) 477-2611
Name:Blayne T Ingram 
Company:Gladden & Ingram PLLC
Admit Date:09/24/2002
Address:455 Pebble Creek Dr
 Madison, MS 39110-9191
Mailing Address:P O Box 2970
 Madison, MS 39130-2970
Phone:(601) 707-5903
Fax:(601) 707-5915
Name:Carroll H Ingram 
Company:Ingram Wilkinson PLLC
Admit Date:06/02/1967
Address:211 S 29th Ave Ste 201
 Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Mailing Address:P O Box 15039
 Hattiesburg, MS 39404-5039
Phone:(601) 261-1385
Fax:(601) 261-1393
Name:Francis Draper Ingram 
Company:Office of the Attorney General
Admit Date:04/30/2009
Mailing Address:550 High St Ste 1000
 Jackson, MS 39201-1113
Phone:(601) 359-6024
Fax:(601) 359-9620
Name:Jeffrey Lee Ingram 
Company:Galese & Ingram
Admit Date:04/29/2003
Mailing Address:800 Shades Creek Pkwy Ste 300
 Birmingham, AL 35209-4544
Phone:(205) 870-0663
Fax:(205) 870-0681
Name:Kathleen Elizabeth Ingram 
Company:Butler Snow
Admit Date:09/25/2012
Mailing Address:PO Box 6010
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-6010
Phone:(601) 985-4429
Fax:(601) 985-4500
Name:Stan T Ingram 
Company:Biggs Ingram & Solop, PLLC
Admit Date:09/09/1977
Address:111 E Capitol St Ste 101
 Jackson, MS 39201-2113
Mailing Address:P O Box 14028
 Jackson, MS 39236-4028
Phone:(601) 713-6318
Fax:(601) 713-2049
Name:Stephanie J Ingram 
Company:State of Mississippi
Admit Date:10/12/2004
Mailing Address:P O Box 1461
 Gulfport, MS 39502-1461
Phone:(228) 865-1038
Name:Steve W Ingram 
Company:Southern Farm Bureau
Admit Date:04/24/1978
Address:1800 E County Line Rd
 Ridgeland, MS 39157
Mailing Address:P O Box 1800
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-1800
Phone:(601) 957-7777
Fax:(601) 957-4329
Name:Daniel L Inserra 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/30/1992
Mailing Address:8930 E Raintree Dr Ste 100
 Scottsdale, AZ 85260-7029
Phone:(480) 444-9990
Fax:(480) 308-0015
Name:Peyton S Irby Jr
Company:The Kullman Firm
Admit Date:05/28/1970
Mailing Address:1640 Lelia Dr Ste 120
 Jackson, MS 39216-4873
Phone:(601) 366-2990
Fax:(601) 366-2955
Name:Robert E Irby III
Admit Date:05/01/1978
Mailing Address:5211 Graystone Ln
 Houston, TX 77069-3319
Phone:(832) 486-6076
Fax:(918) 662-4078
Name:Danielle D Ireland 
Admit Date:04/29/2003
Mailing Address:303 White Oak Landing
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-8767
Phone:(601) 954-4769
Name:Jeremy Andrew Ireland 
Company:Federal Express Corp
Admit Date:10/05/2005
Mailing Address:3620 Hacks Cross Rd Bldg B Fl 3
 Memphis, TN 38125-8800
Phone:(901) 434-8580
Fax:(901) 434-9272
Name:Robert B Ireland III
Company:Watkins & Eager
Admit Date:04/29/2003
Address:400 E Capitol St Ste 300
 Jackson, MS 39201
Mailing Address:P O Box 650
 Jackson, MS 39205-0650
Phone:(601) 965-1900
Fax:(601) 965-1901
Name:Selby A Ireland 
Company:Butler Snow
Admit Date:09/27/1990
Address:1020 Highland Col Pkwy Ste 1400
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-8719
Mailing Address:P O Box 6010
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-6010
Phone:(601) 985-4566
Fax:(601) 985-4500
Name:Charles Baron Irvin 
Company:ACLU of MS
Admit Date:09/28/1999
Mailing Address:PO Box 2242
 Jackson, MS 39225-2242
Phone:(601) 354-3408
Fax:(601) 355-6465
Name:Herbert J Irvin 
Company:Irvin & Assoc
Admit Date:12/21/1981
Address:1230 Raymond Rd
 Jackson, MS 39204-4583
Mailing Address:P O Box 1869
 Jackson, MS 39215-1869
Phone:(601) 965-0347
Fax:(601) 965-0362
Name:Tomika H Irving 
Company:The Law Ofc of Tomika T Harris
Admit Date:10/12/2004
Address:1447 Main St
 Fayette, MS 39069
Mailing Address:P O Box 2064
 Fayette, MS 39069-2064
Phone:(601) 786-9600
Fax:(601) 786-8900
Name:Tyree  Irving 
Company:MS Court of Appeals
Admit Date:12/20/1974
Address:450 High St 2nd Flr
 Jackson, MS 39201-3418
Mailing Address:P O Box 22847
 Jackson, MS 39225-2847
Phone:(601) 576-4644
Fax:(601) 576-4708
Name:Lyndsy Landry Irwin 
Company:MS Dept of Human Services
Admit Date:09/28/2010
Mailing Address:1931 Irwin Rd
 Bentonia, MS 39040-9184
Phone:(601) 383-2501
Fax:(601) 359-4422
Name:Steven J Irwin 
Company:Law Office of Steven Jay Irwin
Admit Date:08/08/1983
Mailing Address:761 Magnolia Ridge Dr E
 Mandeville, LA 70448-4851
Phone:(985) 869-0991
Fax:(985) 624-8854
Name:LaKeysha Greer Isaac 
Company:Cosmich Simmons & Brown
Admit Date:09/26/2000
Address:101 S Congress St
 Jackson, MS 39201-3402
Mailing Address:P O Box 22626
 Jackson, MS 39225-2626
Phone:(601) 863-2100
Fax:(601) 863-0078
Name:Joseph Pettis Isbell 
Company:Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama
Admit Date:05/03/2008
Mailing Address:450 Riverchase Pkwy E
 Hoover, AL 35244-2858
Phone:(205) 220-7124
Name:Amy Rhedessa Ishee 
Company:Tennessee Department of Children's Services
Admit Date:10/11/2006
Mailing Address:11040 Farragut Hills Blvd
 Knoxville, TN 37934-4031
Phone:(865) 981-5906
Fax:(865) 981-5905
Name:David Michael Ishee 
Company:MS Court of Appeals
Admit Date:04/27/1989
Address:450 High St Fl 2
 Jackson, MS 39201-3418
Mailing Address:P O Box 22847
 Jackson, MS 39225-2847
Phone:(601) 576-4714
Fax:(601) 576-4708
Name:Dixie W Ishee 
Admit Date:01/08/1987
Mailing Address:P O Box 954
 Nassawadox, VA 23413-0954
Name:Roger E Ishee 
Company:Onebane Firm
Admit Date:05/16/1983
Address:102 Versailles Blvd
 Lafayette, LA 70501
Mailing Address:P O Box 3507
 Lafayette, LA 70502-3507
Phone:(337) 237-2660
Fax:(337) 266-1232
Name:James H Isonhood 
Company:Office of the Attorney General
Admit Date:09/20/1990
Address:401 N West St
 Jackson, MS 39201
Mailing Address:P O Box 1850
 Jackson, MS 39215-1850
Phone:(601) 359-7600
Fax:(601) 359-7774
Name:Caroline Kunz Ivanov 
Company:Watkins & Eager PLLC
Admit Date:09/25/2012
Address:400 E Capitol St Ste 300
 Jackson, MS 39201-2610
Mailing Address:PO Box 650
 Jackson, MS 39205-0650
Phone:(601) 965-1900
Fax:(601) 965-1901
Name:David Andrew Ivey 
Company:Ivey Law Firm
Admit Date:10/05/2005
Mailing Address:3020 Roswell Road Ste 250
 Marietta, GA 30062-4996
Phone:(770) 923-2223
Fax:(678) 890-9499
Name:William Christopher Ivison 
Company:Adcock & Morrison PLLC
Admit Date:09/25/2012
Address:199 Charmant Pl Ste 1
 Ridgeland, MS 39158
Mailing Address:PO Box 3308
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-3308
Phone:(601) 898-9887
Fax:(601) 898-9860
Name:Curtis  Ivy Jr
Company:Office of the US Attorney
Admit Date:09/28/1995
Mailing Address:131 Clayton St
 Montgomery, AL 36104-3429
Phone:(334) 223-7280