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Name:Bruce R Vail 
Company:US Court of Appeals
Admit Date:05/01/1984
Mailing Address:56 Forsyth St NW
 Atlanta, GA 30303-2218
Phone:(404) 335-6461
Fax:(404) 335-6442
Name:Charles S Vail 
Company:Freds Inc
Admit Date:08/21/1966
Mailing Address:121 Tate St
 Senatobia, MS 38668-2720
Name:Tyler Charles Vail 
Company:Hollis Wright Clay & Vail PC
Admit Date:04/29/2003
Mailing Address:2201 Morris Ave
 Birmingham, AL 35203-4211
Phone:(205) 324-3600
Fax:(205) 324-3636
Name:Joseph J Valencino III
Company:Burglass & Tankersley LLC
Admit Date:10/07/2003
Mailing Address:5213 Airline Dr
 Metairie, LA 70001-5602
Phone:(504) 836-0416
Fax:(504) 287-0456
Name:David L Valentine 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:05/16/1983
Address:717 Rice Rd Ste H
 Ridgeland, MS 39157
Mailing Address:P O Box 1200
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-1200
Phone:(601) 956-3636
Fax:(601) 957-2010
Name:John White Valentine 
Company:Senior Status Judge
Admit Date:08/28/1953
Mailing Address:1215 Farmer St
 Cleveland, MS 38732-3031
Phone:(662) 843-3061
Name:Kathleen Sarah Valentine 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:04/22/2010
Mailing Address:2945 Layfair Dr Apt 1113
 Flowood, MS 39232-9767
Phone:(601) 572-0555
Fax:(601) 952-0904
Name:V T Vallas 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:04/23/1976
Mailing Address:PO Box 2
 Eagleville, TN 37060-0002
Phone:(615) 881-2202
Fax:(877) 481-2030
Name:James F Valley 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/22/1995
Address:423 Rightor St Ste 3
 Helena, AR 72342-3219
Mailing Address:PO Box 451
 Helena, AR 72342-0451
Phone:(866) 786-9885
Fax:(888) 946-5550
Name:Kathlyn Rose Van Buskirk 
Company:District Attorney Office
Admit Date:09/28/2010
Address:3104 Magnolia St
 Pascagoula, MS 39567-4127
Mailing Address:P O Box 1756
 Pascagoula, MS 39568-1756
Phone:(228) 769-3045
Fax:(228) 769-3345
Name:Katie Ryan Van Camp 
Company:Daniel Coker Horton & Bell
Admit Date:09/25/2014
Address:1712 15th St Ste 400
 Gulfport, MS 39501-2140
Mailing Address:PO Box 416
 Gulfport, MS 39502-0416
Phone:(228) 864-8117
Fax:(228) 864-6331
Name:Christopher Collins Van Cleave 
Company:Corban Gunn & Van Cleave
Admit Date:09/30/1997
Address:146 Porter Ave
 Biloxi, MS 39530
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 1916
 Biloxi, MS 39533-1916
Phone:(228) 432-7826
Fax:(228) 456-0998
Name:David S Van Every Sr
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:12/21/1981
Address:516 2nd Ave N
 Columbus, MS 39701-4512
Mailing Address:P O Box 761
 Columbus, MS 39703-0761
Phone:(662) 327-4065
Fax:(662) 329-5083
Name:Henry K Van Every III
Admit Date:05/04/1981
Mailing Address:102 Starr Ave Apt 182
 Starkville, MS 39759-4095
Phone:(662) 312-3775
Name:Daniel Warren Van Horn 
Company:Butler Snow
Admit Date:05/30/2006
Address:6075 Poplar Ave Ste 500
 Memphis, TN 38119-0102
Mailing Address:P O Box 171443
 Memphis, TN 38187-1443
Phone:(901) 680-7331
Fax:(901) 680-7201
Name:Ronnie N Van Horn 
Company:Law Office of Todd Hopson PA
Admit Date:01/01/1986
Mailing Address:401 NW 1st Avenue
 Ocala, FL 34475
Phone:(352) 629-6616
Fax:(352) 351-1561
Name:Gilbert C Van Loon 
Company:Butler Snow
Admit Date:12/20/1985
Address:1020 Highland Col Pkwy Ste 1400
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-2139
Mailing Address:P O Box 6010
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-6010
Phone:(601) 985-4556
Fax:(601) 985-4500
Name:Michelle Wroten Van Norman 
Company:Robison & Holmes
Admit Date:04/14/2014
Address:112 Commerce St
 McComb, MS 39648-3631
Mailing Address:PO Box 1128
 McComb, MS 39649-1128
Phone:(601) 249-3112
Fax:(601) 684-0566
Name:Leonard D Van Slyke Jr
Company:Brunini Grantham Grower & Hewes
Admit Date:08/01/1970
Address:190 E Capitol St Ste 100
 Jackson, MS 39201-2151
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 119
 Jackson, MS 39205-0119
Phone:(601) 973-8742
Fax:(601) 960-6902
Name:Mary Winter Van Slyke 
Company:Page Mannino Peresich & McDermott
Admit Date:04/24/2001
Address:759 Howard Ave
 Biloxi, MS 39533
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 289
 Biloxi, MS 39533-0289
Phone:(228) 374-2100
Fax:(228) 432-5539
Name:Robert T Van Uden III
Company:Stubblefield & Yelverton
Admit Date:09/26/2000
Mailing Address:1400 Meadowbrook Rd Ste 102
 Jackson, MS 39211-6305
Phone:(601) 936-4910
Fax:(601) 936-4920
Name:Alison Tasma Vance 
Company:Baxter Healthcare
Admit Date:10/07/2003
Address:1020 Highland Col Pkwy Ste 1400
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-2137
Mailing Address:1 Baxter Pkwy # DF2-1W
 Deerfield, IL 60015-4625
Phone:(224) 948-4275
Fax:(224) 948-2896
Name:B Wayne Vance 
Admit Date:05/11/1975
Mailing Address:2209 Pigeon Point Rd
 Beaufort, SC 29902-4039
Phone:(703) 727-6746
Name:Bobby T Vance 
Company:Vance Law Office Inc
Admit Date:04/18/1990
Address:123 Van Voris St
 Batesville, MS 38606
Mailing Address:123 Van Voris St
 Batesville, MS 38606
Phone:(662) 563-0403
Fax:(662) 563-8114
Name:Bradley Barron Vance 
Company:Burr & Forman LLP
Admit Date:09/18/2001
Mailing Address:401 E Capitol St Ste 100
 Jackson, MS 39201-2608
Phone:(601) 355-3434
Fax:(601) 355-5150
Name:Dean Jefferson Vance 
Admit Date:07/01/1975
Mailing Address:85 Fairway Pl
 Hattiesburg, MS 39402-9622
Phone:(601) 582-5527
Name:James Preston Vance 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:05/01/1979
Address:123 2nd St
 Grenada, MS 38901
Mailing Address:P O Box 159
 Grenada, MS 38902-0159
Phone:(662) 226-9111
Fax:(662) 226-9198
Name:M Darin Vance 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/18/1997
Address:2584 Highway 51 S Ste 3
 Hernando, MS 38632-2150
Mailing Address:P O Box 953
 Hernando, MS 38632-0953
Phone:(662) 449-3660
Fax:(662) 449-3661
Name:Travis T Vance Jr
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:08/22/1964
Mailing Address:914 Grove St
 Vicksburg, MS 39183-2944
Phone:(601) 638-0046
Fax:(601) 638-1643
Name:Ryan Charles VanDeburgh 
Company:Law Office of Ryan VanDeburgh PLLC
Admit Date:09/25/2014
Mailing Address:1816 Laurel St
 Jackson, MS 39202-1823
Phone:(601) 862-1182
Name:David Clay Vanderburg 
Company:Law Office of David Clay Vanderburg
Admit Date:05/16/1983
Address:205 W Center St
 Hernando, MS 38632
Mailing Address:P O Box 523
 Hernando, MS 38632-0523
Phone:(662) 429-9680
Fax:(662) 429-9680
Name:Jeremy C Vanderloo 
Company:Entergy Services Inc
Admit Date:10/12/2004
Address:308 E Pearl St Ste 700
 Jackson, MS 39201-3419
Mailing Address:P O Box 1640
 Jackson, MS 39215-1640
Phone:(601) 969-2662
Fax:(601) 969-2406
Name:Matthew W Vanderloo 
Company:Jernigan Copeland & Anderson PLLC
Admit Date:10/12/2004
Address:587 Highland Colony Pkwy
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-8784
Mailing Address:P O Box 2598
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-3380
Phone:(601) 427-0048
Fax:(601) 427-0051
Name:Nathan Craig VanDerVeer 
Company:Freese & Goss
Admit Date:05/03/2008
Mailing Address:1901 6th Ave N
 Birmingham, AL 35203-4652
Phone:(205) 871-4144
Fax:(205) 871-4104
Name:Clint Douglas Vanderver 
Company:Wells Marble & Hurst
Admit Date:10/05/2005
Address:300 Concourse Blvd Ste 200
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-2053
Mailing Address:P O Box 131
 Jackson, MS 39205-0131
Phone:(601) 605-6900
Fax:(601) 605-6901
Name:Joe L VanDyke 
Company:Assistant District Attorney
Admit Date:09/22/1988
Mailing Address:505 S Main Street Ste A
 Bolivar, TN 38008-2707
Phone:(731) 658-4151
Name:Margaret Michelle VanHook 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/23/1994
Mailing Address:6333 E Mockingbird #147-Box628
 Dallas, TX 75214-2692
Phone:(214) 841-0557
Name:Ray  VanNorman 
Company:Shell Exploration & Prod Inc
Admit Date:04/22/1986
Mailing Address:16810 Madrone Ct
 Houston, TX 77095-4848
Phone:(281) 544-3635
Fax:(281) 544-3444
Name:Jeffrey A Varas 
Company:Law Office of Jeffrey A Varas
Admit Date:01/04/1979
Address:119 Caldwell Dr
 Hazlehurst, MS 39083
Mailing Address:P O Box 886
 Hazlehurst, MS 39083-0886
Phone:(601) 894-4088
Fax:(601) 894-4688
Name:Melanie T Vardaman 
Company:John D. Moore, PA
Admit Date:09/25/2001
Address:301 Highland Colony Pkwy Ste B
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-6035
Mailing Address:301 Highland Colony Pkwy Ste B
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-6035
Phone:(601) 853-9131
Fax:(601) 853-9139
Name:Terre M Vardaman 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/13/1990
Address:109 Office Park Dr
 Brandon, MS 39042
Mailing Address:P O Box 1326
 Brandon, MS 39043-1326
Phone:(601) 825-7663
Fax:(601) 825-0164
Name:Carey R Varnado 
Company:Montague Pittman & Varnado
Admit Date:05/16/1977
Address:525 N Main St
 Hattiesburg, MS 39401-3427
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 1975
 Hattiesburg, MS 39403-1975
Phone:(601) 544-1234
Fax:(601) 544-1276
Name:Casey Ryan Varnado 
Company:Varnado Law Firm
Admit Date:04/08/2002
Mailing Address:12178 Hwy 49 Ste C
 Gulfport, MS 39503-3170
Phone:(228) 896-3374
Fax:(228) 865-7879
Name:Harlon H Varnado 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:07/29/1960
Mailing Address:2550 Wright Rd
 Raymond, MS 39154-9223
Phone:(601) 857-5333
Name:Jason Paul Varnado 
Company:Wise Carter Child & Caraway
Admit Date:09/27/2011
Address:401 E Capitol St Ste 600
 Jackson, MS 39201-2609
Mailing Address:P O Box 651
 Jackson, MS 39205-0651
Phone:(601) 968-5500
Fax:(601) 968-5519
Name:Jerry Wayne Varnado 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:04/27/1989
Mailing Address:34 Oak Hill Cir
 Oakland, CA 94605-4548
Phone:(510) 562-1521
Fax:(510) 562-0216
Name:Mager Alton Varnado Jr
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:11/20/1974
Address:1900 Pass Rd Ste B
 Gulfport, MS 39501-5100
Mailing Address:P O Box 1807
 Gulfport, MS 39502-1807
Phone:(228) 863-1226
Fax:(228) 868-0063
Name:Michelle Rose Varnado 
Company:Realty Title & Escrow Services
Admit Date:09/28/2010
Mailing Address:2050 Treetops Blvd N Ste 101
 Flowood, MS 39232-7612
Phone:(601) 709-4720
Name:Lindsay E Varnadoe 
Company:Morgan & Morgan PA
Admit Date:05/04/2004
Address:188 E Capitol St Ste 777
 Jackson, MS 39201-2129
Mailing Address:188 E Capitol St Ste 777
 Jackson, MS 39201-2129
Phone:(601) 718-0912
Fax:(601) 949-3399
Name:J Paul Varner 
Company:Butler Snow
Admit Date:08/09/1982
Address:1020 Highland Col Pkwy Ste 1400
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-2139
Mailing Address:P O Box 6010
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-6010
Phone:(601) 985-4552
Fax:(601) 985-4500
Name:Joseph E Varner III
Company:Brunini Grantham Grower & Hewes
Admit Date:06/27/1990
Address:190 E Capitol St Ste 100
 Jackson, MS 39201-2151
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 119
 Jackson, MS 39205-0119
Phone:(601) 948-3101
Fax:(601) 960-6902
Name:Mack  Varner 
Company:Varner Parker & Sessums PA
Admit Date:08/17/1970
Address:1110 Jackson St
 Vicksburg, MS 39183-2538
Mailing Address:1110 Jackson St
 Vicksburg, MS 39183-2538
Phone:(601) 638-8741
Fax:(601) 638-8666
Name:Thad W Varner 
Company:Butler Snow
Admit Date:06/18/1993
Address:1020 Highland Col Pkwy Ste 1400
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-8719
Mailing Address:P O Box 6010
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-6010
Phone:(601) 985-4518
Fax:(601) 985-4500
Name:Adam Parker Vaughan 
Company:Nelson Guyton & Vaughan PLLC
Admit Date:09/24/2013
Mailing Address:3000 Old Canton Rd Ste 240
 Jackson, MS 39216-4235
Phone:(601) 981-1115
Fax:(601) 981-1145
Name:Casey Eugene Vaughan 
Company:MS Dept of Human Services
Admit Date:05/02/2006
Address:5224 Vally St Ste B
 Meridian, MS 39307-6271
Mailing Address:5224 Vally St Ste B
 Meridian, MS 39307-6271
Phone:(601) 485-4660
Fax:(601) 692-2773
Name:Earl N Vaughan 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:06/04/1966
Mailing Address:211 Dutch Highland Rd
 Baton Rouge, LA 70810-4013
Phone:(225) 939-0010
Fax:(225) 769-6414
Name:Jack Chapline Vaughan Jr
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:10/01/1987
Mailing Address:2401 Fountain View Ste 462
 Houston, TX 77057-4818
Phone:(713) 783-0464
Fax:(713) 783-0636
Name:Jean A Smith Vaughan 
Company:Office of the Attorney General
Admit Date:04/30/1992
Address:450 High St
 Jackson, MS 39201
Mailing Address:P O Box 220
 Jackson, MS 39205-0220
Phone:(601) 359-3680
Fax:(601) 359-4254
Name:Richard R Vaughan 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/15/1987
Mailing Address:No Address Available
 No City,  
Name:Stephen R Vaughan 
Admit Date:05/28/1970
Mailing Address:28 Teak Ct
 Ocala, FL 34472-9042
Name:Allyson Leah Vaughn 
Company:Goldman Sachs & Co
Admit Date:10/10/2007
Mailing Address:200 West Street
 New York, NY 10282
Phone:(917) 343-8297
Fax:(212) 357-5078
Name:Dixie Lynn Vaughn 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:02/05/1982
Mailing Address:2599 Affirmed Pl
 Victoria, BC V9B 6W5
Name:George M Vaughn 
Company:Weaver Tidmore LLC
Admit Date:07/05/1990
Mailing Address:300 Cahaba Park Cir Ste 200
 Birmingham, AL 35242-8100
Phone:(205) 980-6065
Fax:(205) 980-6165
Name:Jessica Barlow Vaughn 
Company:Clanton Legal Group PLLC
Admit Date:10/05/2005
Mailing Address:1818 Crane Ridge Dr Ste 202
 Jackson, MS 39216-4912
Phone:(601) 869-0869
Name:Lawrence W Vaughn 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:01/05/1978
Mailing Address:1633 Main St
 Southaven, MS 38671-1212
Phone:(662) 393-0386
Name:Patrick J Vaughn 
Company:American Family Assoc
Admit Date:04/29/1997
Address:107 Parkgate Dr
 Tupelo, MS 38801
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 2440
 Tupelo, MS 38803-2440
Phone:(662) 844-5036
Fax:(662) 821-2044
Name:Ross D Vaughn 
Company:Deutsch Kerrigan & Stiles
Admit Date:04/27/1999
Mailing Address:2510 14th St Ste 1001
 Gulfport, MS 39501-1956
Phone:(228) 864-0161
Fax:(228) 863-5278
Name:Thomas E Vaughn 
Company:Vaughn & Bowden PA
Admit Date:05/01/1976
Address:2510 14th St Ste 912
 Gulfport, MS 39501-1947
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 240
 Gulfport, MS 39502-0240
Phone:(228) 863-5656
Fax:(228) 863-6509
Name:Zachary Monroe Vaughn 
Company:District Attorney Office 12th Cir
Admit Date:10/12/2004
Mailing Address:P O Box 166
 Hattiesburg, MS 39403-0166
Phone:(601) 545-1551
Fax:(601) 545-6097
Name:Allen R Vaught 
Company:Baron & Budd PC
Admit Date:02/10/2005
Mailing Address:3102 Oak Lawn Ave Ste 1100
 Dallas, TX 75219-4283
Phone:(214) 521-3605
Fax:(214) 520-1181
Name:Robert Jeffrey Veal 
Company:Veal Intellectual Property
Admit Date:11/12/1980
Mailing Address:11555 Medlock Bridge Rd
 Johns Creek, GA 30097-1564
Phone:(678) 653-4758
Fax:(678) 597-1101
Name:Anne P Veazey 
Company:MS Mediation & Arbitration
Admit Date:11/01/1978
Mailing Address:218 Hidden Oaks Dr
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-7000
Phone:(601) 969-5580
Name:Charles Rhodric Veazey III
Company:Gresham Petroleum Co
Admit Date:10/05/2005
Mailing Address:P O Box 690
 Indianola, MS 38751-0690
Phone:(662) 887-2160
Fax:(662) 887-6873
Name:Fletcher F Veazey Jr
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:06/03/1940
Mailing Address:1215 Pierce Ave
 Oxford, MS 38655-4431
Name:Slates Collins Veazey 
Company:Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Admit Date:02/05/2013
Mailing Address:188 E Capitol St
Ste 400
 Jackson, MS 39201-2100
Phone:(601) 592-9925
Fax:(601) 592-1425
Name:Philip J Vedros III
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:03/20/1987
Mailing Address:10 Front Royal St
 Vicksburg, MS 39180-2780
Phone:(601) 831-9921
Name:Denis Erwin Vega 
Company:Vega & Associates
Admit Date:09/26/2000
Address:322 Lafayette St Ste 301
 New Orleans, LA 70130-3290
Mailing Address:322 Lafayette St Ste 301
 New Orleans, LA 70130-3290
Phone:(504) 534-8342
Fax:(504) 324-0868
Name:W Todd Ver Weire 
Company:Law Office of W Todd Ver Weire
Admit Date:10/07/2003
Address:1000 Heritage Center Cir
 Round Rock, TX 78664-4463
Mailing Address:1000 Heritage Center Cir
 Round Rock, TX 78664-4463
Phone:(512) 368-7202
Fax:(888) 731-9004
Name:Charles Emil Vercelli Jr
Company:1st Franklin Financial Corp
Admit Date:12/12/2013
Mailing Address:1019 S Perry St
 Montgomery, AL 36104-5049
Phone:(706) 282-1676
Fax:(334) 834-8807
Name:E Scott Verhine 
Company:Verhine & Verhine
Admit Date:04/29/1997
Mailing Address:1013 Adams St
 Vicksburg, MS 39183-2535
Phone:(601) 636-0791
Fax:(601) 636-2718
Name:Jimmy L Verner Jr
Company:Verner & Brumley
Admit Date:11/01/1979
Mailing Address:3131 Turtle Creek Blvd #1020
 Dallas, TX 75219-5439
Phone:(214) 526-5234
Fax:(214) 526-0957
Name:Leigh D Vernon 
Company:Watkins & Eager
Admit Date:09/28/1999
Address:400 E Capitol St Ste 300
 Jackson, MS 39201
Mailing Address:P O Box 650
 Jackson, MS 39205-0650
Phone:(601) 965-1900
Fax:(601) 965-1901
Name:Mark W Verret 
Company:Allen & Gooch
Admit Date:04/23/1996
Mailing Address:3900 N Causeway Blvd Ste 1450
 Metairie, LA 70002-1725
Phone:(504) 836-5270
Fax:(504) 836-5275
Name:George Martin Via 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:05/23/1979
Mailing Address:104 S Main St
 Booneville, MS 38829-3311
Phone:(662) 728-3228
Fax:(662) 728-0408
Name:C Wilson Viar Jr
Admit Date:01/29/1965
Mailing Address:6631 Corsica Dr
 Memphis, TN 38120-3405
Phone:(901) 767-4543
Name:Sabrina Cook Vickers 
Company:Chaffe McCall LLP
Admit Date:10/10/2007
Mailing Address:1100 Poydras St Ste 2300
 New Orleans, LA 70163-2300
Phone:(504) 585-7595
Fax:(504) 544-6108
Name:R Barry Vickery 
Company:R Barry Vickery PLLC
Admit Date:06/02/1967
Address:5360 I 55 N Ste 106
 Jackson, MS 39211-4055
Mailing Address:P O Box 5303
 Jackson, MS 39296-5303
Phone:(601) 941-7506
Fax:(601) 206-9221
Name:Marta E Villanea 
Company:LA Office of Appeals
Admit Date:05/01/1971
Mailing Address:1300 W Olympic Blvd
 Los Angeles, CA 90015-3908
Phone:(213) 744-2250
Name:Leonard Charlton Vincent 
Company:MS Dept of Corrections
Admit Date:10/01/1979
Mailing Address:P O Box 38
 Parchman, MS 38738-0038
Phone:(662) 719-8179
Name:Michael R Vincent 
Admit Date:09/28/1995
Mailing Address:645 Southern Way
 Spanish Fort, AL 36527-2903
Name:Matthew  Vines 
Company:Jernigan Copeland & Anderson PLLC
Admit Date:09/29/1994
Address:587 Highland Colony Pkwy
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-8784
Mailing Address:PO Box 2598
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-2598
Phone:(601) 427-0048
Fax:(601) 427-0051
Name:William Patton Vines 
Company:Federal Aviation Administration
Admit Date:10/05/2005
Mailing Address:P O Box 20636
 Atlanta, GA 30320-0636
Phone:(404) 305-5200
Fax:(404) 305-5223
Name:Lonnie M Vining 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/28/1989
Mailing Address:P O Box 250
 Monticello, MS 39654-0250
Name:Robert P Vining 
Company:Bland & Partners PLLC
Admit Date:11/08/1996
Mailing Address:1717 St James Pl Ste 360
 Houston, TX 77056-3408
Phone:(713) 627-7100
Fax:(713) 627-7148
Name:Rebecca Sarah Vinocur 
Company:Rebecca S Vinocur PA
Admit Date:07/05/2005
Mailing Address:5915 Ponce De Leon Blvd Ste 11
 Coral Gables, FL 33146-2435
Phone:(786) 691-1282
Fax:(786) 691-1280
Name:Jane M Virden 
Company:US Magistrate Judge
Admit Date:09/29/1988
Mailing Address:305 Main Street Room 329
 Greenville, MS 38701-4013
Phone:(662) 335-9214
Fax:(662) 332-6881
Name:R Brittain Virden 
Company:Campbell DeLong LLP
Admit Date:04/27/1995
Address:923 Washington Ave
 Greenville, MS 38701-3729
Mailing Address:P O Box 1856
 Greenville, MS 38702-1856
Phone:(662) 335-6011
Fax:(662) 334-6407
Name:J Wilbourn Vise 
Company:Massey Higginbotham Vise
Admit Date:09/25/1995
Address:3003 Lakeland Cove Ste E
 Jackson, MS 39232
Mailing Address:P O Box 13664
 Jackson, MS 39236-3664
Phone:(601) 420-2200
Fax:(601) 420-2202
Name:Matthew Toxey Vitart 
Company:Young Wells Williams
Admit Date:09/28/2010
Address:141 Township Ave Ste 300
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-8694
Mailing Address:PO Box 6005
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-6005
Phone:(601) 948-6100
Fax:(601) 355-6136
Name:Kosta N Vlahos 
Company:Senior Status Judge
Admit Date:07/04/1966
Address:1801 23rd Ave
 Gulfport, MS 39501
Mailing Address:P O Box 7575
 Gulfport, MS 39506-7575
Phone:(228) 896-5430
Name:Nicholas K Vlahos 
Admit Date:10/07/2003
Mailing Address:2449 Bungalo Ln
 Miramar Beach, FL 32550-1858
Phone:(850) 424-5176
Name:Dennis Wayne Voge 
Company:Mitchell McNutt & Sams
Admit Date:08/13/1971
Address:105 S Front St
 Tupelo, MS 38804
Mailing Address:P O Box 7120
 Tupelo, MS 38802-7120
Phone:(662) 842-3871
Fax:(662) 842-8450
Name:David Paul Voisin 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:04/24/2001
Mailing Address:P O Box 13984
 Jackson, MS 39236-3984
Phone:(601) 949-9486
Fax:(601) 354-7854
Name:Tana N Vollendorf 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/25/2001
Mailing Address:29 Mount St, Glenbrook
 New South Wales 2773,
Name:Allen Austin Vollor 
Company:Vollor Law Firm P A
Admit Date:09/24/1996
Address:127 E Main St
 Starkville, MS 39759-2927
Mailing Address:P O Box 80120
 Starkville, MS 39759-0120
Phone:(662) 323-0083
Fax:(662) 323-7788
Name:Frank G Vollor 
Company:Senior Status Judge
Admit Date:05/12/1975
Address:1911 Mission 66 Ste G
 Vicksburg, MS 39183
Mailing Address:P O Box 821355
 Vicksburg, MS 39182-1355
Phone:(601) 638-8686
Fax:(601) 638-8681
Name:Joseph Bryan Vonder Bruegge 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:12/15/2001
Address:19000 Pineville Rd
 Long Beach, MS 39560-4539
Mailing Address:P O Box 1255
 Long Beach, MS 39560-1255
Phone:(228) 864-7443
Fax:(228) 864-7479
Name:John H Voss 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:08/18/1972
Mailing Address:87 White Oak Rd
 Purvis, MS 39475-4177
Phone:(601) 794-8759
Fax:(601) 794-6332
Name:Mickey Jansen Voss 
Company:Scott Sullivan Streetman & Fox
Admit Date:04/25/2013
Mailing Address:2450 Valleydale Rd
 Birmingham, AL 35244
Name:Carolyn Yates Voyles 
Admit Date:04/24/2001
Mailing Address:177 Saint Andrews Dr
 Jackson, MS 39211-2532
Phone:(601) 656-5411
Fax:(601) 656-8198
Name:Tammy M Voynik 
Company:MS Methodist Rehabilitation
Admit Date:04/23/1996
Mailing Address:1350 E Woodrow Wilson Ave
 Jackson, MS 39216-5112
Phone:(601) 364-3542
Fax:(601) 364-3465