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Name:Emily McCarson Yancey 
Company:BBVA Compass
Admit Date:05/03/2007
Address:401 W Valley Ave
 Homewood, AL 35209-4800
Mailing Address:5205 Northwood Lake Dr E
 Northport, AL 35473-2019
Phone:(205) 238-2243
Fax:(205) 297-6863
Name:Paula S Yancey 
Company:Office of the Board Attorney
Admit Date:09/23/1989
Address:610 Delmas Ave
 Pascagoula, MS 39568
Mailing Address:P O Box 998
 Pascagoula, MS 39568-0998
Phone:(228) 769-3371
Fax:(228) 769-3119
Name:Perry M Yancey 
Company:McCallum Methvin & Terrell
Admit Date:05/04/2001
Mailing Address:2201 Arlington Ave S
 Birmingham, AL 35205-4003
Phone:(205) 939-0199
Fax:(205) 939-0399
Name:William M Yandell III
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:01/05/1981
Mailing Address:5350 Poplar Ave Ste 730
 Memphis, TN 38119-3697
Phone:(901) 763-3333
Fax:(901) 339-7133
Name:Gary McKay Yarborough Jr
Company:Yarborough Law Firm PLLC
Admit Date:10/11/2006
Mailing Address:845B Highway 90
 Bay St Louis, MS 39520-1600
Phone:(228) 467-5771
Fax:(228) 467-5774
Name:Jennifer W Yarborough 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/29/1998
Mailing Address:528 Heatherstone Ct
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-2908
Phone:(601) 853-0107
Name:Martin B Yarborough 
Company:Zarzaur & Schwartz
Admit Date:04/24/2001
Address:2209 Morris Ave
 Birmingham, AL 35203
Mailing Address:P O Box 11366
 Birmingham, AL 35202-1366
Phone:(205) 250-8423
Fax:(205) 328-1958
Name:Rachel Perniciaro Yarborough 
Company:Yarborough Law Firm, PLLC
Admit Date:05/02/2006
Mailing Address:845B Highway 90
 Bay St Louis, MS 39520-1600
Phone:(228) 467-5771
Name:Richard F Yarborough Jr
Company:Baker Donelson
Admit Date:08/16/1976
Address:4268 I 55 N
 Jackson, MS 39211-6391
Mailing Address:P O Box 14167
 Jackson, MS 39236-4167
Phone:(601) 351-2414
Fax:(601) 592-2414
Name:Austin S Yarbrough 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:04/09/1993
Mailing Address:777 Goodpasture Terr
 Nashville, TN 37221-3542
Phone:(615) 662-0570
Name:Larry E Yarbrough 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:10/30/1978
Address:109 N State St
 Jackson, MS 39201
Mailing Address:P O Box 22883
 Jackson, MS 39225-2883
Phone:(601) 948-3080
Fax:(601) 948-3095
Name:Ron A Yarbrough 
Company:Brunini Grantham Grower & Hewes
Admit Date:10/06/1980
Address:190 E Capitol St Ste 100
 Jackson, MS 39201-2151
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 119
 Jackson, MS 39205-0119
Phone:(601) 948-3101
Fax:(601) 960-6902
Name:Thomas D Yarbrough 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:01/28/1967
Mailing Address:4044 Columns Dr SE
 Marietta, GA 30067-5194
Phone:(770) 988-9935
Name:Joseph Watt Yates III
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:08/18/1972
Mailing Address:82 Palmetto St
 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459-3046
Phone:(850) 278-6062
Name:Shanda M Yates 
Company:Burns & Assoc PLLC
Admit Date:10/10/2007
Mailing Address:PO Box 16409
 Jackson, MS 39236-6409
Phone:(601) 487-6997
Fax:(601) 487-6958
Name:Tiffany Alayne Yates 
Company:Cordell & Cordell PC
Admit Date:10/10/2007
Mailing Address:6410 Poplar Ave Ste 350
 Memphis, TN 38119-4843
Phone:(901) 334-3250
Fax:(901) 334-3251
Name:Trent Meek Yates 
Company:Oak Point Real Estate
Admit Date:07/17/2007
Address:2 Music Cir S Ste 200
 Nashville, TN 37203-4336
Mailing Address:2 Music Cir S Ste 200
 Nashville, TN 37203-4336
Phone:(615) 324-0788
Name:William G Yates Jr
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:08/21/1965
Mailing Address:304 Dogwood St
 Philadelphia, MS 39350-3312
Phone:(601) 656-5411
Fax:(601) 656-8958
Name:Frances Passman Yeatts 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:07/06/1999
Mailing Address:3586 Sangani Blvd Ste L Box 244
 Biloxi, MS 39540-9004
Phone:(228) 860-7864
Fax:(601) 510-9611
Name:James Andrew Yelton 
Company:Bailey & Womble
Admit Date:09/18/1997
Address:357 Hwy 51 N
 Batesville, MS 38606
Mailing Address:P O Box 1615
 Batesville, MS 38606-1615
Phone:(662) 563-4508
Fax:(662) 563-5746
Name:Ralph Avery Yelverton 
Company:Stubblefield & Yelverton
Admit Date:06/22/1997
Address:1400 Meadowbrook Road Ste 102
 Jackson, MS 39211-6305
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 14187
 Jackson, MS 39236-4187
Phone:(601) 936-4910
Fax:(601) 936-4920
Name:Michael J Yentzen 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:04/29/2003
Mailing Address:204 Courthouse Rd Ste B
 Gulfport, MS 39507-1211
Phone:(228) 594-8860
Fax:(228) 896-7849
Name:D Scott Yeoman 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:10/18/1975
Address:101 S Main St
 Pontotoc, MS 38863
Mailing Address:P O Box 337
 Pontotoc, MS 38863-0337
Phone:(662) 489-6698
Fax:(662) 489-4789
Name:W Swan Yerger 
Admit Date:10/31/1958
Mailing Address:1200 Meadowbrook Rd
 Jackson, MS 39206-6109
Phone:(601) 982-4485
Name:George McDowell Yoder III
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/28/1999
Mailing Address:No address available
 No address available,  
Name:Richard L Yoder 
Company:Gilchrist Sumrall Yoder & Boone PLLC
Admit Date:09/09/1977
Address:415 N Magnolia St Ste 400
 Laurel, MS 39440
Mailing Address:P O Box 106
 Laurel, MS 39441-0106
Phone:(601) 649-3351
Fax:(601) 426-9625
Name:Richard Lewis Yoder Jr
Company:Gilchrist Sumrall Yoder & Boone PLLC
Admit Date:09/25/2001
Address:415 N Magnolia St Ste 400
 Laurel, MS 39440-3984
Mailing Address:P O Box 106
 Laurel, MS 39441-0106
Phone:(601) 649-3351
Fax:(601) 426-9625
Name:Thomas Benton York 
Company:Forman Watkins Krutz & Tardy
Admit Date:09/24/2013
Address:200 S Lamar St Ste 100
 Jackson, MS 39201-4099
Mailing Address:PO Box 22608
 Jackson, MS 39225-2608
Phone:(601) 960-8600
Fax:(601) 960-8613
Name:David A Yost 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/20/1983
Mailing Address:3413 52nd St
 Meridian, MS 39305-1534
Phone:(601) 483-8068
Fax:(601) 483-8068
Name:Charles Todd Yoste 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:12/20/1976
Address:105 W Main St
 Starkville, MS 39759
Mailing Address:P O Box 80288
 Starkville, MS 39759-0288
Phone:(662) 323-1233
Fax:(662) 323-1246
Name:Edward Scott Yoste III
Company:Hazzard Law LLC
Admit Date:09/12/2014
Address:447 Northpark Dr
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-5109
Mailing Address:PO Box 24382
 Jackson, MS 39225-4382
Phone:(601) 977-5253
Fax:(601) 957-6065
Name:Harry M Yoste Jr
Company:Northcutt Legal Clinic
Admit Date:06/07/1978
Address:2600 24th Ave
 Gulfport, MS 39501-4938
Mailing Address:P O Box 353
 Gulfport, MS 39502-0353
Phone:(228) 864-7144
Fax:(228) 864-7145
Name:Reca Rene' Youell 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/15/1987
Mailing Address:1250 Circle Dr
 Defuniak Springs, FL 32435-2505
Phone:(850) 892-7363
Name:E Neil Young 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:08/21/1965
Mailing Address:P O Box 4284
 Tallahassee, FL 32315-4284
Phone:(850) 222-3171
Fax:(850) 222-7938
Name:Elizabeth Patrick Young 
Company:Southern Sun Asset Management
Admit Date:09/24/2013
Mailing Address:6070 Poplar Ave Ste 300
 Memphis, TN 38119-3907
Phone:(901) 341-2700
Name:Frances M Young 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:05/01/1970
Mailing Address:No Address Available
 No Address Available,  
Phone:(601) 659-7778
Fax:(601) 659-9983
Name:James L Young 
Company:Young Wells Williams PA
Admit Date:05/29/1954
Address:141 Township Ave Ste 300
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-8694
Mailing Address:PO Box 6005
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-6005
Phone:(601) 360-9024
Fax:(601) 355-6136
Name:James W Young Jr
Company:Young Law Group PLLC
Admit Date:10/01/1986
Mailing Address:300 W Capitol St Ste 200
 Jackson, MS 39203-2704
Phone:(601) 354-3660
Fax:(601) 354-3656
Name:Jennifer Moran Young 
Company:Page Mannino Peresich & McDermott PLLC
Admit Date:04/26/2011
Address:759 Vieux Marche' Mall
 Biloxi, MS 39533
Mailing Address:PO Box 289
 Biloxi, MS 39533-0289
Phone:(228) 374-2100
Fax:(228) 435-4441
Name:John R Young 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:08/17/1968
Mailing Address:P O Box 212
 Corinth, MS 38835-0212
Phone:(662) 287-1023
Fax:(662) 287-1023
Name:Joseph Spencer Young Jr
Company:Mississippi Health Care Insurance Services Corp
Admit Date:10/10/2007
Mailing Address:2506 Lakeland Dr Ste 602
 Flowood, MS 39232-7640
Phone:(601) 939-0850
Fax:(601) 939-1525
Name:Karen J Young 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:04/25/1984
Mailing Address:11 Riversbend Dr
 Gulfport, MS 39507-4231
Name:Lee E Young 
Company:Young Law Firm
Admit Date:09/18/1991
Address:1407 Jackson Ave Ste 1
 Pascagoula, MS 39568
Mailing Address:P O Drawer 700
 Pascagoula, MS 39568-0700
Phone:(228) 769-8840
Fax:(228) 769-8868
Name:Leonard A Young 
Company:Bienvenu Foster Ryan & O'Bannon
Admit Date:06/05/1965
Mailing Address:1010 Common St Ste 2200
 New Orleans, LA 70112-2455
Phone:(504) 310-1500
Fax:(504) 522-7859
Name:Lora Freiman Young 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:10/10/2007
Mailing Address:141 Lori Ln
 Senatobia, MS 38668-7409
Phone:(901) 674-5030
Name:Matthew Franklin Young 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/25/2014
Mailing Address:406 Pelahatchie Shore Dr
 Brandon, MS 39047-6152
Name:Michael D Young 
Company:Markow Walker PA
Admit Date:09/30/1997
Address:599 Highland Colony Pkwy Ste 100
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-6075
Mailing Address:P O Box 13669
 Jackson, MS 39236-3669
Phone:(601) 853-1911
Fax:(601) 853-8284
Name:Nathan Tod Young 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/21/1983
Mailing Address:2695 Poncho Ct
 Minden, NV 89423-8878
Phone:(775) 782-7390
Fax:(775) 782-8533
Name:Ralph D Young 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:01/27/1950
Mailing Address:50 Poplar Cir
 Gulfport, MS 39507-4004
Phone:(228) 863-2883
Name:Ralph Edward Young Jr
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:08/18/1967
Mailing Address:150 Broadway Apt 1113
 New Orleans, LA 70118-7612
Phone:(504) 864-8924
Name:Richard H Young Jr
Company:The Elder Law Firm
Admit Date:11/06/1978
Address:5500 Plaza Dr Ste C
 Brandon, MS 39047
Mailing Address:P O Box 5142
 Brandon, MS 39047-5142
Phone:(601) 992-1437
Fax:(601) 992-3855
Name:Robert E Young 
Admit Date:12/18/1975
Mailing Address:P O Box 603
 Long Beach, MS 39560-0603
Phone:(228) 265-1294
Name:Robert James Young 
Company:Wells Marble & Hurst
Admit Date:05/29/1971
Address:300 Concourse Blvd Ste 200
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-2053
Mailing Address:P O Box 131
 Jackson, MS 39205-0131
Phone:(601) 605-6900
Fax:(601) 605-6901
Name:Timothy J Young 
Company:Trustmark National Bank
Admit Date:04/04/1995
Address:248 E Capitol St
 Jackson, MS 39201
Mailing Address:P O Box 291
 Jackson, MS 39205-0291
Phone:(601) 208-5089
Fax:(601) 208-6424
Name:Tobi Merritt Edwards Young 
Company:The George W Bush Foundation
Admit Date:10/07/2003
Mailing Address:1100 Meriden Ln
 Austin, TX 78703-3825
Phone:(214) 771-1407
Name:Veldore  Young 
Company:County Court Judge
Admit Date:09/24/1996
Mailing Address:P O Box 1970
 Meridian, MS 39305-1970
Phone:(601) 482-9715
Fax:(601) 486-4940
Name:William A Young III
Company:Spinella Owings & Shaia
Admit Date:09/28/1995
Address:8550 Mayland Drive
 Richmond, VA 23294
Mailing Address:8550 Mayland Drive
 Richmond, VA 23294
Phone:(804) 747-0920
Name:Frank M Youngblood Jr
Company:Title & Escrow Services
Admit Date:05/16/1983
Mailing Address:111 Office Park Dr Ste A
 Brandon, MS 39042-2769
Phone:(601) 825-5200
Fax:(601) 825-5236
Name:William L Youngblood 
Admit Date:05/01/1973
Address:164 North Lombard Street
 Opelousas, LA 70570
Mailing Address:164 North Lombard Street
 Opelousas, LA 70570
Name:Casey Dale Younger 
Company:Wilkins Patterson Smith Pumphrey & Doty
Admit Date:09/25/2012
Address:4735 Old Canton Rd Ste 108
 Jackson, MS 39211-5526
Mailing Address:PO Box 13429
 Jackson, MS 39236-3429
Phone:(601) 366-4343
Fax:(601) 981-7608
Name:James W Younger Jr
Company:MS Dept of Public Safety
Admit Date:08/14/1978
Mailing Address:P O Box 958
 Jackson, MS 39205-0958
Phone:(601) 987-1332
Fax:(601) 987-1345
Name:Rebecca Anne Younger 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/26/2000
Address:530 2nd Ave N Ste 203
 Columbus, MS 39701
Mailing Address:P O Box 323
 Columbus, MS 39703-0323
Phone:(662) 352-9123
Name:Stephen G Younger 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:12/22/1981
Mailing Address:850 E River Pl Ste 302
 Jackson, MS 39202-3443
Phone:(601) 353-1571
Fax:(601) 353-1573
Name:Charles Edwin Yow II
Company:Yow & Yow Attorneys at Law
Admit Date:09/24/2013
Mailing Address:1300 Van Buren Ave Ste 112
 Oxford, MS 38655-4042
Phone:(662) 232-2440
Fax:(866) 903-2406
Name:Nathan Ashley Yow 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:09/29/2009
Mailing Address:1300 Van Buren Ave Unit 112
 Oxford, MS 38655-4042
Phone:(662) 232-2440
Fax:(866) 903-2406
Name:Shaun Eren Yurtkuran 
Company:MS Attorney General Office
Admit Date:10/05/2005
Address:550 High St
 Jackson, MS 39201-1111
Mailing Address:550 High St
 Jackson, MS 39201-1111
Phone:(601) 359-3680
Fax:(601) 359-4231