Case & Rules Q&A

Case Updates (all changes are reflected on the PDF of the case online):

  • Miss. Code Ann. ยง63-11-30(1) has been added
  • Line 76-77 of Dr. Shannon Springfield's witness statement has been changed to state: "Therefore, I used a one hour absorption time from the last drink to the peak blood alcohol level."
  • The date was updated in Line 11 of Merrion Montgomery's statement
  • The name of the high school was updated in Line 65 of Merrion Montgomery's statement


November 25, 2013:

Q:  Who is Mr. Darrow (referenced in line 43 of Jamie Jefferson)? Seems like it may be a family lawyer, but we just wanted to know if that was intentionally vague, should be omitted, etc. 

A:  Mr. Darrow is the family lawyer for Lee Lincoln. The family retained counsel because of Lee's possible charge as an accessory. Line 43 has been updated to better reflect that. 




From the Mock Trial Committee: 

As competition updates are released, they will be posted on this page. 

ALL questions regarding the CASE and the RULES should adhere to the following guidelines: 

All case and rules questions must be submitted via email to the mock trial coordinator ( Only teacher or attorney coaches may submit questions on behalf of a team. The mock trial coordinator will only process written case and rules questions submitted by email and will not accept questions submitted by any other method, including phone, fax or in person.

Times to Submit Questions:
Teams may submit questions from Sept. 27, 2013, until 5:00 p.m. on Jan. 10, 2014. Questions may also be submitted from Feb. 5 - 19, 2014. This time period is post-Regional competition and pre-Statewide.

Receiving Answers:
Teams will check the website for a running list of answers to all case and rules questions submitted throughout the season.

Final Answers:
The final Q&A list will be posted on the website by Feb. 21, 2014, at 5:00 pm.
The fact that the Mock Trial Committee made a correction or addition to the case materials at any point during the season is not relevant during a trial round. Teams are to assume that the fault for any typographical error or any other correction, addition or clarification to the case materials indicated in the Q&A list posted online lies with the mock trial committee, not with a particular witness. The clean, corrected copy of the materials that will be posted by January 14, 2014, is to be considered the first and only version of these materials submitted by any party in this action when trying this case in a competition round.

If you have a question about the case or the rules, please send your question to Rene' Garner at She will forward your question to the committee for a response.