Active Petition for Reinstatement

The Bar Seeks opinions on Reinstatement Request - Deadline May 27
Joe Gregory Stewart applied for reinstatement to the practice of law on April 20, 2022, in accordance with Rule 12 of the Mississippi Rules of Discipline. In an effort to give members of the Bar an opportunity to express their opinion to the Supreme Court of Mississippi regarding a petitioner seeking reinstatement and so that the Bar will be better informed by those attorneys and judges that previously practiced with the subject attorney as to that attorney’s practice habits, standing, character and reputation in the legal community, the Bar adopted a policy on March 3, 2006, which allows members of the Bar to express their support or opposition to any petition for reinstatement. The Office of General Counsel for the Bar will receive correspondence in support or opposition of the instant petition until May 27, 2022. All correspondence submitted will be provided to the Supreme Court in the Bar’s response to the petition. Please mail correspondence to the attention of the Office of General Counsel for The Mississippi Bar.

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Petition for Reinstatement

Reinstatement Denied

2004 Disbarment