Health Law Section presents Debating MS’s CON Program CLE Seminar - October 27

The Mississippi Bar’s Health Law Section presents “Debating MS’s CON Program” CLE Seminar. This event will be held on Friday, October 27 at the Mississippi Bar Center in Jackson. Mississippi’s Certificate of Need laws grant authority to the Department of Health to administer and supervise all state health planning and development responsibilities. This process places restrictions on certain health care activities in order to prevent unnecessary duplication of health resources and provide cost containment. The activities which require a certificate of need (CON) include the offering of certain designated health services, the development or establishment of new health care facilities, or the making of capital expenditures for health care projects in excess of designated limits. Free-market proponents are urging lawmakers to relax, update or remove these laws, claiming they are government barriers to patient care. This seminar will provide an overview of the CON process in Mississippi and differing views on its necessity. Panelists include attorneys Russ Latino, State Director of Americans for Prosperity and Richard Roberson, General Counsel for the Mississippi Hospital Association. For more information about the seminar and registration, click here.