Navigating Tricky Waters: Discrimination and Harassment Issues in Today's Business World - June 5

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The Business Law Section of The Mississippi Bar and The Mississippi Corporate Counsel Association will sponsor the 2018 Business Law Ethics CLE Seminar titled “Navigating Tricky Waters: Discrimination and Harassment Issues in Today's Business World.” This one (1) hour of Ethics credit CLE seminar will be held at River Hills Club in Jackson. Widespread stories of harassment and discrimination claims in the news - and across social media forums - have led to a significant need for attorneys to be (or become) adept in the innovative use of litigating claims, defenses, compliance, public relations techniques, and regulatory issues. Law firms, corporate clients, boards of directors, government entities, and employers have an unprecedented need to draft and institute effective policies, while mitigating accusations at the same time. Whether you are advising employers, serving on a board of directors or reviewing your firm's policies, you need to know what steps to take to effectively respond to serious allegations, including procedural requirements, preemption issues and arbitration of claims. This seminar will explore these issues, introduce you to the most relevant issues and practical solutions, as well as discuss the changes and progress on the current legal developments and future regulations. To download a registration form and addition information, click here.