“The First 100 Women Lawyers in Mississippi” Book

The Women in the Profession Committee of The Mississippi Bar is producing a book in celebration of the first 100 women lawyers in our state.  The book is planned to provide biographical facts as well as interesting stories for each of the 100 women lawyers. The Committee would appreciate any help in obtaining information on these women regarding their lives and accomplishments. If you have any information on these MS women lawyers from the 1910s and 1920s, please contact Melanie Henry at mhenry@msbar.org.

1st Set of Names
The first set of women lawyers are Lucy H. Greaves, Bessie Young, Mary Chapman Easterling, Nettie Hood Bratton, Susie Blue Buchanan, Linda Rives Brown, Leota Taylor, Virginia Ruth Campbell, Ivey E. Peebles, Sarah L. Buchanan, Lucy Somerville Howorth, Eleanor Sophia Babendreer Moore, Vivian Cook, Lavonia Caradine Jiggitts Jones, Nell Wilkinson Hunt, Evelyn Hunt Conner, Zelma Wells Price, Margaret Hervey Jones Graham, Louise Melton, Lyda Gordon Shivers, Ida Lou Lewis, Pearl Marie McLellan, Clara Melton Sims, Lena Carolina Zama, and Ruth L. Franck.  

2nd Set of Names
The second set of women lawyers are Elizabeth Gwin Kirschten, Helen Patricia Maltby, Elizabeth Watkins Hulen Grayson, Louise Mayo, Mary Sue Brannon, Matelyn Floyd Hines, Edna Loeb Fischer, T.L. Hays, Josephine Hood, Zelda Siegel Labovitz, Rhoda Catherine Bass, Betty Bartee Tucker, Winnie Greer, Lulie Reynolds Eddins, Mary Caruthers Gholson Berger, Viola Lee James Hilbert, Doris Chastine Hartford, Sarah Adeline Chalk Tipping, Ruth L. Bertrand, Zulah Mayo Purvis, Mary Elizabeth West, Helen May Bloedorn, May Spencer Ringold, Alice Porter Nevels, and Margaret Yarborough McLean. 

3rd Set of Names
The additional set of women lawyers are Ivy Lee Buchanan, Sarah A. Charles, Martha Virginia Clarke Bunting, Edythe Evelyn Gandy, Hilda Howell, Lottie M. Steele, Adeline N. Morris, Zelma Wells Price Schutta, Martha Wilson Gerald, Allie D. Zeller, Bonnie E. Smith, Marie Luter Upton, Cecile Cambre Alford, Lura Mae Womack, Dolsie Williams, Margaret E. Fisher, Clare Sekul Hornsby, Walterrene Price Roderick, Mary Frances Holloway, Ethel Ramsey Arrington, Maxine B. Crain, Elsie Cambre Parker Purser, Iva Lee Stringer Green, Mary Emma Bullock, and Martha Rose Moffitt Parsons.

4th and Final Set of Names
The final set of women lawyers are Berniece R. Pickard, Aline Jones Collum, Josephine M. Jameson, Claribel Hunt Moncure, Helen D. White, Mildred W. Norris, Amy Burkett. Helen J. McDade, Nannie Mayes Crump, Virginia I. Ferguson, Tillie Odom Nixon, Rose P. May, Rosalind Dottery Sanders, Jean Smollen Wilson, Margaret Eaves Rogers, Eula Bonnie Mills, Jewelle Scales Evans, Ann Dodge Goodbee , Nancy T. Wood Morse, Barbara Smith Fortenberry Hederman, Anabel Y. Welch Maxie, Shirley Jean Norwood Jones, Audrey W. Brand, Barbara A. Williamson, and Euple Dozier.