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Note: Passwords are case sensitive and apostrophes must be included! For Example: Smith, McArty, O'Neill have to be typed exactly as they appear.

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If you have tried logging in with the instructions above, you have capitalized the first letter of your last name, you have added apostrphes if your name includes apostrophes, you have capitalized additional letters in your name that appear capitalized in your member records and you are still having problems with your login, please contact Kellie M. Mullins at Please list your contact information and your bar number in your email.

If you experience technical difficulties while using Casemaker, i.e. error messages, etc., please contact Casemaker directly at 877-659-0801.

If you do not know how to search/operate Casemaker, please review the tutorials listed above before calling Casemaker at 877-659-0801.

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We are aware of login issues and are working to resolve them asap.