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Name:Liem A Walker 
Company:Walker Law Firm PLLC
Admit Date:10/07/2003
Address:1119 Openwood St
 Vicksburg, MS 39182
Mailing Address:P O Box 822495
 Vicksburg, MS 39180-2495
Phone:(601) 636-4646
Fax:(601) 636-4944
Name:J Randal Wallace Jr
Company:Robert Boyd & Assoc
Admit Date:04/25/2000
Address:103 Woodchase Park Dr
 Clinton, MS 39056-5940
Mailing Address:P O Box 1297
 Clinton, MS 39060-1297
Phone:(601) 925-5511
Fax:(601) 925-5533
Name:James L Warren III
Company:Carroll Warren & Parker
Admit Date:09/14/1987
Address:188 E Capitol St Ste 1200
 Jackson, MS 39201-2131
Mailing Address:P O Box 1005
 Jackson, MS 39215-1005
Phone:(601) 592-1010
Fax:(601) 592-6060
Name:Leanne Seicshnaydre Warren 
Admit Date:09/26/2000
Mailing Address:Address not public
Phone:(228) 596-6444
Name:Dan W Webb 
Company:Webb Sanders & Williams
Admit Date:01/06/1977
Address:363 N Broadway St
 Tupelo, MS 38804
Mailing Address:P O Box 496
 Tupelo, MS 38802-0496
Phone:(662) 844-2137
Fax:(662) 842-3863
Name:David P Webb 
Company:Baker Donelson
Admit Date:05/09/1986
Address:1 Eastover Ctr-100 Vision Dr 400
 Jackson, MS 39211
Mailing Address:P O Box 14167
 Jackson, MS 39236-4167
Phone:(601) 969-4678
Fax:(601) 714-9978
Name:W Scott Welch III
Company:W Scott Welch Lawyer & Mediator PLLC
Admit Date:01/25/1964
Mailing Address:602 Steed Rd Ste 100
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-9416
Phone:(601) 946-2251
Status:Active - Exempt
Name:William V Westbrook III
Company:Page Mannino Peresich & McDermott
Admit Date:12/18/1975
Address:2510 14th St Ste 1125
 Gulfport, MS 39501-1947
Mailing Address:2408 14th St
 Gulfport, MS 39501-2019
Phone:(228) 868-8999
Fax:(228) 868-8940
Name:John R White Jr
Company:John Robert White PA
Admit Date:09/27/1985
Address:1052 Highland Col Pkwy Ste 211
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-8764
Mailing Address:P O Box 824
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-0824
Phone:(601) 605-9811
Fax:(601) 605-9836
Name:Joseph Q White Jr
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:12/18/1975
Address:712 Watts Ave
 Pascagoula, MS 39567-4219
Mailing Address:P O Box 1868
 Pascagoula, MS 39568-1868
Phone:(228) 762-0486
Fax:(228) 202-5068
Name:Emilie Fischer Whitehead 
Company:Steen Dalehite & Pace LLP
Admit Date:09/24/1996
Address:401 E Capitol St Ste 415
 Jackson, MS 39201-2609
Mailing Address:P O Box 900
 Jackson, MS 39205-0900
Phone:(601) 969-7054
Fax:(601) 353-3782
Name:Rebecca L Wiggs 
Company:Watkins & Eager
Admit Date:09/26/1985
Address:400 E Capitol St Ste 300
 Jackson, MS 39201-2610
Mailing Address:P O Box 650
 Jackson, MS 39205-0650
Phone:(601) 948-6470
Fax:(601) 965-1901
Name:H Wesley Williams III
Company:Markow Walker PA
Admit Date:09/16/1992
Mailing Address:599 Highland Colony Pkwy Ste 100
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-6075
Phone:(601) 853-1911
Fax:(601) 853-8284
Name:Patricia R Williams 
Company:Williams Family Law PLLC
Admit Date:04/23/1996
Address:613 Steed Rd
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-9482
Mailing Address:P O Box 12903
 Jackson, MS 39236-2903
Phone:(601) 668-8060
Name:Richard C Williams Jr
Company:Upshaw Williams
Admit Date:05/01/1976
Address:713 S Pear Orchard Road Ste 102
 Ridgeland, MS 39157-4823
Mailing Address:PO Box 3080
 Ridgeland, MS 39158-3080
Phone:(601) 978-1996
Fax:(601) 978-1949
Name:Thomas Charles Wimsatt 
Company:Attorney at Law
Admit Date:05/13/2014
Mailing Address:No address available
 No address available,  
Phone:(989) 860-8920
Name:Charles Elliott Winfield 
Company:Perry & Winfield PA
Admit Date:09/15/1997
Address:224 E Main St
 Starkville, MS 39759-2930
Mailing Address:P O Box 80281
 Starkville, MS 39759-0281
Phone:(662) 323-9231
Fax:(662) 323-3920
Name:Reagan David Wise 
Company:District Attorney's Office
Admit Date:09/25/2001
Address:302 W Franklin St
 Tupelo, MS 38804-3934
Mailing Address:PO Box 7237
 Tupelo, MS 38802-7237
Phone:(662) 432-2800
Fax:(662) 432-2831
Name:Lori A Wolff 
Company:Univ of MS
Admit Date:04/26/2011
Mailing Address:20 N Broadway Apt K350
 White Plains, NY 10601-2116
Phone:(662) 832-5791
Fax:(662) 915-7230
Name:James Grady Wyly III
Company:Phelps Dunbar LLP
Admit Date:09/12/1980
Mailing Address:2602 13th St Ste 300
 Gulfport, MS 39501-1915
Phone:(228) 679-1130
Fax:(228) 679-1131