Admission to Practice

Admission by Bar Exam
State law requires membership in The Mississippi Bar in order to practice law in Mississippi (73-3-119). Applicants who have successfully passed the bar examination, which is administered by the Board of Bar Admissions, must be sworn in to a Chancery Court. Once sworn in to a Chancery Court, applicants must register with The Mississippi Bar and pay annual enrollment fees.

To request a copy of an Enrollment Application, contact Nikki McIntyre at or by phone at 601-355-4619. Once you have completed the form,  return it with a copy of the Chancery Court decree and the enrollment fee to The Mississippi Bar, P.O. Box 2168, Jackson, MS 39225-2168. 

Admission by Pro Hac Vice
Rule 46 of the Mississippi Rules of Appellate Procedure provide for admission Pro Hac Vice. The rule in its entirety may be found here.