Child Welfare and Child Advocacy Committee

The Child Welfare and Child Advocacy Committee provides a forum for attorneys who practice in varying aspects of child welfare/juvenile law practice related to children: prosecution and agency representation, parent representation, child representation, and guardian ad litem work in child protection and termination of parental rights proceedings in Youth Court and Chancery Courts; defense and prosecution of juvenile delinquency and status offender or CHINS (Children in Need of Services) cases; miscellaneous Youth Court advocacy regarding competency, emancipation and parental notification issues; and handling of adoption proceedings. The Committee may also focus on representation at school tribunals, advocacy in IEP and other meetings, and quasi-judicial procurement of social security disability, Medicaid and other entitlements. The Committee participates in efforts to keep members informed of changing federal and state laws and of agency rules, policies and regulations and to enhance the practice of law relevant to children, except for matters related to matrimonial law as covered by the Family Law Section. The Committee may work closely with the Young Lawyer's Division's Child Advocacy Committee in its endeavors and activities on behalf of children and families.

Judge Thomas Broome, Brandon