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Updated GAL Training Videos now available ONLINE!

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The Child Advocacy Committee of The Mississippi Bar’s Young Lawyers Division, The University of Mississippi Judicial College, The University of Mississippi School of Law and Mississippi College School of Law have produced a series of on-demand videos for purposes of certifying guardians ad litem (GALs) to increase the number of available certified GALs and provide an affordable means for certification for solo practitioners and attorneys whose firms will not pay for the cost of certification.

Links to the videos are provided above. The videos have been approved for six (6) hours of CLE credit, including one hour of ethics. Corresponding supplemental written materials are available in PDF format on this page. These instructional materials have been approved by the Bar and comply with the Mississippi CLE requirements.

Attorneys who view the GAL videos may utilize the training for both certification and CLE purposes. Attorneys may receive CLE credit only once for viewing the videos. Attorneys may, however, become re-certified for one additional year by viewing the videos a second time, but they will not receive any additional CLE credit for doing so.

For those attorneys who watched the previous version of the videos, you can receive certification and CLE credit for viewing the newly updated videos.

After viewing the videos, an attorney will sign an affidavit verifying that he or she has watched the videos, understands its contents, and will comply with the regulations governing guardians ad litem. The attorney will then be placed on a list of lawyers willing to serve pro bono on one case per upcoming calendar year. That bar member will remain in a queue of volunteers for one year from the execution date of the affidavit. René Garner, Section and Division Coordinator for The Mississippi Bar, will monitor earned credit hours, maintain records, and furnish you with accurate and up-to-date lists so that you will know the pool of volunteer attorneys available to serve within your jurisdiction.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Daniel Reed at Thank you for taking this moment to learn more about this opportunity to provide minors in Mississippi the quality representation that they deserve.


CLE Credit and Certification

To obtain continuing legal education (CLE) credit and to become a certified GAL, you will need to download the Affidavit and CLE Form below and print your Certificate of Completion after you submit credit for the course. Complete and mail both forms and the Certificate of Completion, along with $25 to The Mississippi Bar, Attn: Rene' Garner, PO Box 2168, Jackson, Mississippi 39225-2168.

NOTE: You must watch all six videos to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Download the CLE form

Download the Affidavit

The following written materials are available in PDF format for individual download and printing. These supplemental materials may be useful to Guardians Ad Litem (GAL) becoming certified through the Guardian Ad Litem Training videos made available through the Young Lawyers Division of The Mississippi Bar.

These materials are the property of the professors, lawyers, and social worker who served as presenters in the Guardian Ad Litem Training. Although the following materials are available for reference purposes, these written works remain the work product of the author/presenters therein.


Written Materials

Video 1: Standards and Duties of the GAL, and Investigations, Reports and Recommendations
David Calder, University of Mississippi School of Law


Video 2: Child Custody and Visitation
Debbie Bell, University of Mississippi Law Center


Video 3: Interviewing Children and Forensic Interviews
Lisa Yazdani, Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi


Video 4: Termination of Parental Rights and Adoptions
Shirley Kennedy, Mississippi College School of Law


Video 5: Practice Tips for GALs
Panel Moderator: Randy G. Pierce, University of Mississippi Judicial College
Panelists: David Calder, University of Mississippi School of Law
Shirley Kennedy, Mississippi College School of Law
Jeff Rimes, Taggart Rimes & Graham PLLC
Kelly G. Williams, The Law Office of Kelly G. Williams PLLC


Video 6: Ethics
Debbie Bell, University of Mississippi Law Center
David Calder, University of Mississippi School of Law
Benjamin P. Cooper, University of Mississippi School of Law


Miscellaneous forms:

Checklist for GAL investigation

Questions for GAL Interviews

Building the GAL Report

Writ of Assistance to subpoena DCPS and Youth Court records for in camera review by chancellor