LJAP Committee

The work of the LJAP would not be possible without the tireless service of the volunteers who serve on the Lawyers Assistance Program Committee and in other volunteer capacities across the state.  These volunteers; practicing lawyers, sitting Judges, law students, law school faculty, business men and women give of their time and talents so graciously, and do such meaningful work.  The LJAP could not function without all that the volunteers do.


Fifteen members on three year terms, three from each district as provided in Article 6-1 of the Bylaws and six members from the state at large.  The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program Committee shall provide 1) assistance to members of the legal profession who suffer from addictive behavior problems; 2) education for the legal profession regarding the disease of addiction, particularly as it affects professional conduct; and 3) protection to the public served by the Bar.  The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program Committee shall have all powers and duties as provided by Rule 3(g) of the Rules of Discipline for The Mississippi Bar adopted August 1988 by the Supreme Court of Mississippi.

William F "Rusty" Brown
Tracy L Morris
Edderek L "Beau" Cole
Patrick M Rand
Chris Fisher
J H "Hank" Ros
H Wingfield "Winky" Glover III
John Gadow
Joanna Gomez
Amy L Topik
Sam Polk
Joan Lund
Dolton W McAlpin
Jamie White
Robert E "Bobby" Moorehead          

Staff Liaison: Chip Glaze, LJAP Director

The identity of any lawyer, judge or family member who requests assistance through the program for themselves or others is kept strictly confidential.