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Mississippi has no rule or statute requiring a person to meet minimum standards or otherwise qualify to offer services as a Mediator, other than the standards for inclusion on the List of Mediators prepared in connection with the Court-Annexed Mediation Rules for Civil Litigation. The standard is that Mediators on that list shall be limited to members of The Mississippi Bar in good standing who have completed mediation training of at least 14 hours at one training session administered by a training organization approved by the Court-Annexed Mediation Committee and who have completed at least 6 hours of continuing education every two years thereafter. Each person included in this Directory meets that standard.

The information contained herein was submitted by each Mediator and accepted as accurate. Inclusion of a Mediator in this Directory does not constitute a representation as to the qualifications of the Mediator other than the Mediator represents that he or she meets the minimum standards for inclusion on the List of Mediators.

The Mississippi Bar publishes this Directory pursuant to Section XA of the aforementioned Rule as a service to the Bar, the judiciary, court clerks, and court administrators in The Mississippi Bar's continuing support of the use of mediation.

For general inquiries regarding the Court Annexed Mediation program, contact Angie Montgomery at 601-355-7548 or email [email protected].




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