Purpose & Chairs

Sections of The Mississippi Bar are separate groups having special interests in particular substantive areas of practice. Sections function under Bylaws approved by the Board of Commissioners of The Mississippi Bar and broad policy guidelines also established by the Board of Commissioners.

"The Commissioners may create a Section of the Bar at any time. Each Section may adopt, amend and repeal Bylaws by a vote of 2/3 of its members present at any meeting thereof. The Bylaws of any Section shall not be in conflict with these Bylaws. The initial Bylaws of the Section shall conform to Model Bylaws approved by the Board of Commissioners, and no amendment thereto shall be affected without approval of the Board of Commissioners." (Bylaws of The Mississippi Bar, Article 8).

Membership in all Sections is open to any Bar member in good standing upon payment of the prescribed Section dues. As voluntary, non-appointed groups, Sections elect their own officers and choose their own activities with the limitations established by the Bylaws of the Bar and the Section, as well as general policies established by the Board of Commissioners and the Section Executive Committees.

Sections provide the structure through which all members of the Bar have the opportunity to participate in its work. Sections may be divided into smaller units. For example, committees of Sections may be appointed to undertake particular assignments such as membership, newsletter, legislation, annual meeting program, etc., or practice areas may be further divided within Sections by the establishment of committees. The Executive Committee of each Section should serve to govern and coordinate the work of the Section committees rather than attempt to undertake all Section work.

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Chair: Kaytie M. Pickett
Appellate Practice Section - Chair: Barbara W. Byrd
Business Law Section - Chair: Brant Pettis
Estates and Trusts - Chair: Clark Luke
Family Law Section - Chair: Cassidy Anderson
Gaming Law Section - Chair: Jay McDaniel
Government Law Section - Chair: Brad Davis
Health Law Section - Chair: Stan Ingram
Intellectual Law Property - Chair: Michael Williams
Labor and Employment Law - Chair: Chris Fontan
Litigation Section - Chair: Lee Ann Thigpen
Prosecutors Section - Chair: Kim Harlin
Real Property Section - Chair: Barry Bridgforth
SONREEL Section - Chair: Gene Wasson
Taxation Section - Chair: Neil Rogers
Workers' Compensation Section - Chair: Donald Moore