Mission Statement
The Mississippi Bar shall serve the public good by promoting excellence in the profession and in our system of justice.

The Mississippi Bar is an invaluable partner in every attorney's practice and a trusted community leader that ensures the justice system is evolving to meet the needs of all Mississippi residents.

Goal 1
The Mississippi Bar promotes the highest standards of competence and professionalism, and fosters a legal profession equipped to serve the legal needs of clients and the larger community

Goal 2
The Mississippi Bar cultivates members' professional success with valuable practice resources and opportunities for meaningful member engagement

Goal 3
The Mississippi Bar fosters diversity and inclusion among members of the bar community

Goal 4
The Mississippi Bar strives to increase access to legal services and to promote and support a justice system that affords prompt and fair resolution

Goal 5
The Mississippi Bar builds public trust in the justice system through education about lawyers and the law

Goal 6
The Mississippi Bar sustains a responsive, flexible organization that advances its mission and the strategic plan


The Mississippi Bar Strategic Plan 2018-2022