Mission Statement
The Mississippi Bar shall serve the public good by promoting excellence in the profession and in our system of justice.

The Mississippi Bar seeks to serve its members and the public interest by championing the administration of justice and the preservation of the Rule of Law.

Goal 1
Assure the highest standards of professionalism, civility, integrity and ethical conduct in the practice of law.

Goal 2
Increase public understanding, trust and confidence in the law and the legal system so that the public more fully understands and utilizes their legal system and constitutional rights.

Goal 3
Advance excellence in our system of justice by promoting a competent, respected, and impartial judiciary.

Goal 4
Increase equal access to fair and impartial courts.

Goal 5
Be relevant to member needs by offering programs and services to assist members in providing high quality legal services in a professional and cost effective manner and provide members with opportunities to serve.