Distinguished Service Award - This award is given to an attorney or lay person for outstanding achievement and/or a significant contribution to the legal community.  The recipient must be cited for specific actions which occurred no longer than five (5) years immediately prior to the date of presentation.

Lifetime Achievement Award - This award is granted for devoted service to the public, profession, and the administration of justice over the span of a professional career.  Only individuals who hold a law degree or who have worked within or contributed significantly to the system of justice will be qualified to receive this award.

Judicial Excellence Award - The recipient should be an exceptional judge who is an example of judicial excellence; a leader in advancing the quality and efficiency of justice and a person of high ideals, character and integrity.  To be eligible a judge must be a full time sitting judge. Judges on senior status are eligible if they continue to be active on the bench. 

Lawyer Citizenship Awards - Annually The Mississippi Bar presents Lawyer Citizenship Awards to lawyers and judges who have served their communities in the areas of aiding the administration of justice; assisting groups or individuals on a volunteer basis in a non-legal capacity; educating the public or individuals or students about legal matters; providing pro bono legal services in a matter of a significant nature or in a significant number of cases; or providing pro bono legal services in a way that significantly changed the life of one person or group.

Past Recipients