Consumer Information

The Mississippi Bar provides a series of articles below that pertain to certain areas of law and answers many general questions about everyday matters. To know more about your own specific situations, consult your attorney for legal guidance.

You and Your Estate
Where There's a Will, There's a Way
How Can I Revoke or Change My Will
What Are My Homestead Rights?

Family Law
Child Support: What Every Mother and Father Should Know
What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Mississippi?
How is the Amount of Alimony Determined?
What if My Spouse/Partner Abuses Me?

Law in the Workplace
Is It a Wrongful Termination or a Legal Firing?
Ignoring the Disabled Can Disable Your Business
What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?
What is Equal Pay?
Age Discrimination in the Workplace

You and Your Home
What Should I Know Before Buying or Selling a Home?
How Can I Protect My Home from Creditors?
Cur-RENT Law for Tenants and Landlords
Discrimination in Housing

The Responsibilities of Vehicle Drivers
Auto Accidents: Do You Know Your Legal Responsibilities?
Insurance Coverage for Auto Accidents
Your Rights to a Safe Workplace
Workers' Compensation Laws

Your Rights in the Criminal System
Driving Under the Influence
Your Rights if Arrested
The Rights of Juveniles Who Are Arrested
Compensation for Crime Victims
The Differences Between a Civil and a Criminal Case

Bankruptcy Settles Debts, But With Consequences
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requires Liquidation of Assets to Settle Debt
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Allows Repayment Over a Period of Time
Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Understanding Consumer Credit
Your Rights in Applying for Credit
Using Revolving Credit
Building a Good Credit History
Correcting Credit Mistakes

What is a Contract?
What is not a Contract?
Types of Contracts
Contract Breaches and Remedies

Child Custody
Determining Paternity
Child Custody: Considering the Best Interest of the Child
What Are the Steps in Adopting a Child?
What are the Grounds for Terminating Parental Rights?

Social Security
Social Security
Social Security: Who's Eligible?
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Medicare and Medicaid

Seniors/Age Discrimination
How to Fight Job-Related Age Discrimination
Understanding Your Pension Plan
The Rights of Impaired Elders
Who Should Make Your Decisions When You Are Incapacitated?

The Courts/Judicial System
When Should You Seek Legal Counsel?
Choosing an Attorney
Understanding the Court System
A Citizen's Role in the Courts

The Rights of Pregnant Employees
Becoming an Organ and Tissue Donor
A Patient's Right to Information
Unemployment Insurance Benefits