LJAP Committee



Fifteen members on three year terms, three from each district as provided in Article 6-1 of the Bylaws and six members from the state at large.  The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Committee shall provide 1) assistance to members of the legal profession who suffer from addictive behavior problems; 2) education for the legal profession regarding the disease of addiction, particularly as it affects professional conduct; and 3) protection to the public served by the Bar.  The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Committee shall have all powers and duties as provided by Rule 1 of the Rules of The Mississippi Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program adopted January 2015 by the Supreme Court of Mississippi.

Members                             Term

Sam Polk, Jackson (Metro)   2019

Emilie Whitehead, Ridgeland (Metro)   2019

Bethany Tarpley, Batesville (North)    2019

Mark Nelson, Hattiesburg (South)    2019

Tracy Morris, Gulfport (At Large)    2020

Patrick Rand, Richland (Metro)   2020

William F. “Rusty” Brown, Oxford (North)   2020

Eric Stracener, Jackson (At Large)   2020

Ann Chandler, Jackson (At Large)   2020

Winky Glover, Meridian (South)     2020

David Sullivan, Gulfport (South)   2021

Bonnie Bridgers Smith, Jackson (Metro)   2021

Carlyn Hicks, Jackson (At Large)    2021

Josh Ginn, Jackson (At Large)   2021

Beau Cole, Jackson (At Large) Chair   2021

Staff Liaison: Dr. Jessica Cole, LJAP Director

Carolyn Barrett, Administrative Assistant