The staff and volunteers of the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program provide educational opportunities, speaking on issues related to lawyer impairment, life balance, professional and personal relationships, career transition, stress, and the like.  The staff and volunteers are available and willing to discuss any opportunity to address these or other specific topics for associations, firms, employers, and other groups in which lawyers are involved.

The LJA Program believes strongly that education and awareness is the key.  Mental illness and addiction are diseases; medical disorders.  They are not weakness, a lack of intelligence or will, or moral failings.   Moreover, in most cases (even longstanding and/or severe cases) they are treatable.  Increased awareness leads to more attorneys avoiding problems or finding help when necessary. 

Our goal is to raise awareness and to the stigmas historically associated with attorneys identifying their struggles and seeking assistance when needed.  

LJA Program staff and volunteers can offer presentations on a wide variety of topics including:

Lawyer Impairment

Life Balance

Stress / Burnout

Addictive Disease and Recovery

Mental / Emotional Health

LJAP Services

Grief and Loss

Impairment & Recovery in Law School

Healthy Workplace and Relationships

LJA Program staff and volunteers can and often do tailored presentations for the specific needs of an audience.  LJAP has offered previous presentations on the benefits of monitoring, the dangers of the misuse of prescription stimulant drugs in law school, and spirituality.  

If you are interested in bringing an LJA Program presentation to an organization in which you are involved, please contact:

Dr. Jessica Cole, LPC-S, NCC
Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program Director
Office: 601-948-0989  
Director's Direct Line: 601-948-4475
Email: [email protected]

Carolyn Barrett, Office Administrator & Monitoring Coordinator
Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program
Telephone: 601-948-0989
Email: [email protected] 

We look forward to being with your group.